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Monday, March 13, 2006

Goes on.

What can I say? Apart from the joys of waking up at 4am on consecutive mornings to get to the airport on/well before time, and the wonder that is wearing a black suit in the boiling hot western cape, the funeral was relatively simple.

The plethora of bishops* were remarkably self-involved. But, then again, I’ve found that is a common trait of anyone “important” who feel the need to speak at a funeral. It’s all about me, and all that.

No. No more shall be said on that subject, except that I have been bequeathed a 70 year old, black, woollen priest’s cloak, complete with detailed little chain latch piece to tie it on. It would have been wonderful for larping, the rain, or just my fashion goth stage. Now it’s just a sad keepsake.

In other news, Casanova is a startling amount of fun. I really didn’t have high hopes of this film, but it manage to carry of a sort of absurd, modern “Jane Austin” comedy of relations. Going from subtle to quite physical humour very quick, it works. Also, it has the new hottie in it, who was been in nothing else, but has apparent been signed up to a three picture deal. Natalie Dormer – very nice.

In more other news – I’m glad that Lost is picking up, I felt the first two episodes of the second season were remarkably dull. Not much really happened, and the flashbacks ways of slowing down the story, not making it more interesting. Hopefully they can maintain this “getting better” trend. Also tv related, I’m about to finish Buffy, but soon my order of Firefly will arrive, and will hopefully tide me over until Robyn and Grant finish with Angel**.

In other, other news: the cricket. No doubt you reactionary sport-hating geeks (them that pick on me like it, so I hate it), didn’t watch and don’t care – but wow. Really wow. The fact that they broke the record for the most amount of records broken in one match is just icing. It was so good that I missed some of my soccer to watch it. Did I mention, wow?

*gaggle of bishops, clergy of bishops…someone will know the answer
**That’s a hint.


At 11:53 PM , Blogger moonflake said...

that's what happens when chuck norris decides to play some cricket.

At 5:35 AM , Blogger Andrew said...

Chuck Norris, like all internet jokes, has gone on too long. In fact two weeks after it started, it had gone on too long. Now it's like 4 months.

Really, really old.

Sorry, pet peeve.


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