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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

It's an update.

Nothing of significant interest has occured that would have driven me to post, so this has been a sad, lonely blog for a while. But do not despair, for through sheer force of inertia I have returned to dazzle you, the devoted readers, with my nonsense.

First though, by way of an excuse, I've been pulling my hair out (in a metaphorical way) due to the total crap internet I've been dealing with of late. Nevermind my work internet - I can't tell you how fast it is, as fast is a word that has no relation to it. No, I'm whining about ADSL. I know: surprise - a South African complaining about broadband delivery - but it's been too disruptive as to make writing a blog entry more difficult that it's worth.

Part of the problem is dealing with that hell company's lovely support staff. First you have sit on hold for some amount of time between (record low) 5 minutes and the more usual 30 minutes. When you're finally knocked out of your slumber by some bored voice, you have to convince them that, yes, you actually have a problem. No, it's not the alignment of the planets temporarily knocking your mojo out of whack, it is a Hellkom problem.

The reason this is so hair-pullingly hard, is that our connection is intermittently down. This confuses the hell out of our router, which then requires we restart it. Rinse repeat. Of course, at the moment you phone those bastards, it'll be working fine - so you have to go through the whole "take my word for it" dance, not to mention the "do you know what intermittent means" jig.

In the end the problem is "fixed" and then about two days later they phone you and ask how the problem is: to which you can only reply that it's working now - and quickly got through another intermittent jig.

I hate it.

Anyway, work has been dull. Technically I've spent the last week doing a music search for an unshot tv commerical. This involves listening to music all day. Luckily, being the negative bastard that I am, I can find the dark cloud: my laptop has shit speakers, so I listen to these songs on my headphones - which means after 3 hours your ears are in pain.

Poor me. (Imagine a winking smiley here. I've taken a vow to stop using them in polite company).

I was amused to see a story on the front page of The Star about a panel of experts getting together (A doctor of philosophy, genetics and a poultry farmer, would you believe?) They were charged with answering that old chestnut: What came first, the chicken or the egg? And, lo, the answer was egg.

The reasoning being that due to evolution only occuring between generations, at some point what is a chicken today was a proto-missing-link-but-not-a-baboon-chicken. The pmlbnabc then laid an egg that contained today's chicken. Hence the egg came first.


At 1:39 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

That makes no sense. Primitive organisms reproduce asexually, which makes an egg, as a vehicle for genetic variation, advanced (the actual word is 'derived'). So the chicken totally came first!

Although then it was a proto-chicken. Is a chicken that doesn't lay eggs still a chicken?


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