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Monday, October 24, 2005

Zombies, Russians, kittens, fascism and Novels on speed.

Hey, who would of thought it: After a weekend, and I actually have something to comment about. In a non-specific order, here they are.

First, National Novel Writing Month. Of course, when they say "National" they mean America, but through the wonder* of the internet, anyone can take part. Basically you need to write a 50000 word novel (~175 pages) between November 1 and midnight November 30. That translates as 1666 words a day. And at 60 wpm you can do that is 30 minutes.

Of course those numbers proclude simple things like "major editing" and "quality", but hey: that's not the point.

Anyway, Numero Duo: We found a 9/10 odd week old kitten at the top of our garden. It was obviously domesticated and lost. Feeling sorry for both kitten and theoretical person who had lost kittens, we went looking for an owner last night, but to no avail. Cue "Awww...poor baby" noises. But fear not, for this wee creature was saved from death row - aka SPCA - by blind luck.

While me pater was putting up a "found: bloody stupid kitten" sign, we saw another sign professing to want to give kittens away. Lo and behold, they are the same kitten(s). There's a brackets S there because the person had lost more kittens than just the one.

Careless I tell you, bloody careless.

3! From the people that brought you Urban Dead (aka the most boring massively multiplayer online zombie game in existence) we have the Zombie attack simulator. Fun. Race your colleagues to total human genocide. Turn your zombies GREEN! What more could you want?

Four? Yes, four! Fascists! Or rather an article entitled "Living in a Fascist State". It's an interesting read, if only to see fascism defined as something other than "damn nazi's". It quotes such important people as FDR and Umberto Eco. It also appears in an american magazine that looks like the yank version of Noseweek, so beware of the slant.

And five for finally: Russians. By which I mean Nightwatch, which no doubt everyone has already seen. It's cool. The sub-titles are very cool (and I don't mean that in a innuendo way). The good guys don't win, and it's very unwestern. You may have read something like this before, you won't have seen it in film. Though I suppose there is no doubt an anime that covers this ground.

Such is life.