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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Obey the fist.

Dear Devoted Readers,

So much has happened here since I last wrote, I just don’t know where to begin. Well, let’s do what is best in these situations, and start from the beginning. No that’s wrong – I’ll start from where I stopped, or rather, just before that.

My advertising agency held a Christmas party, and it was such a darling night. Everyone had their own cute little baby bottle filled with some hideous concoction of energy drink and alcohol. After that ran out, there was a bar who would serve you whatever you could imagine making up – by the by, Dear Reader, I do love those strawberry margarita. And the tea’s from long island, they’re do die for, but I think they might be lying about the tea. I don’t think there’s any in there.

The next day I won a prize. I was so surprised, I didn’t even know there was a competition. I won the “Captain Career Limiting Move” award, but I think it’s okay – the CEO was far to tipsy to remember me hitting her with a punching bag.

About a week after that my entire department had a day out. The mail before hand warned us to wear a set of clothes we didn’t mind getting wet. And not to wear high-heels! Tre-risqué.

Sadly, it wasn’t as interesting as it sounded. No, instead we dangled off cliffs. Absailing, they called it: quaint natives. I don’t think I was doing it right, silly old me, because I burnt all the skin of my hands. I was inconsolable – at least until they found more liquor. Then I was quite cheery.

Oh, here I’ve been talking about work all this Time, and I haven’t mention work. It’s going well, though it could all fall down in a burning ball of hell. I haven’t taken any paid leave this holiday, as I think I’ll be able to experience the full spirit of Coca-Cola Christmas from inside these walls.

Oh yes.

But here I am just doddling on about things and places, when all you’re interested in is people. Well, my swearing, drinking, insulting and drug taking half (my art director) is on holiday. He sounds like he’s enjoying it. My roleplaying types are far scattered about doing lots of different things. They all have one thing in common though, they’re not roleplaying.

Robyn is sunning herself in the Cape, which is probably good for her, as she’s been too cheerful for the rest of us. Must be all that not-work. Speaking of the Cape (both east and west), my brothers have returned from their universities. They’re entertaining in a way, but do grate on the nerves from time to time. Still, having family about always teaches you something. In this case it’s that the goal of working is earn enough money to move out the house.

Oh well, that’s a horrible note to end on, but I’ve not else to share with my Dear Readers.