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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Little metal birds.

Last weekend the advertising industry (including me) flocked, gathered and joined together in Margate for the annual Loerie awards. It was the first time in Margate, as the previous venue, the Sun City, had grown tired and boring. Why Margate? No-one else would take us.

The reason is that while, officially, the Loeries is all about awarding the best adverts and that sort of thing, mostly it's about drinking - with occasional other hedonistic rites included for flavouring.

Margate did not disappoint.

I won't bore you with lots of intricate details, but sufficient to say: If Margate were personified as a sex worker, it'd be the heroine junkie that is bent of saying "For $5, baby, you can put it anywhere." The most obvious example of this were the police presence: there were hundreds of police/traffic cops/whatever. And they were all under direct orders not to touch anyone.

Passed out drunk in the middle of main street? Not to worry, the cops will watch to make sure no-one nicks your wallet, and might even roll you to the side of the street so the beer truck can go by. The only things they were allowed to intervene in was murder, and drug use that they couldn't ignore. So snorting coke off the cop's epaulette is a serious no-no.

It was fun. My agency basically one jackshit (the winning stuff by a guy who had left). Though my Art Director got a Silver loerie for student work. Go him.

In other news, I got to see a preview of the Corpse Bride. Yay for Media companies.

Anyway, it's short, good, and has the most wild camera angles for a traditional stock motion thing (which it is). Fun stuff. Though the songs weren't really up to snuff.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

New Beginnings

Welcome to my new/old blog.

It was created back in 2001(ish) and saw a grand total of no postings. All it consisted of was a title, which I've kept, and a description that read:

Thoughts from me...about my ''wonderful'' life. Don't read it if you find angst boring

Fun hey?

(Un)fortunately, I don't find writing about that stuff nearly as much fun as I used to - and therefore you won't be exposed to as much of it. Considering the previous amount was zero, that can't be bad. Further disclaimer, don't expect unwarrented postivity. In fact, if you did expect that, then you really have no idea who I am, do you?

In the meantime: I promise to fill this blog with the sort of things you expect - like links everyone has already seen, bad puns, complaints about sport, and nonsense about how I bored I am.

Anything else will be an accident.