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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Why I shouldn't be given the power to explode heads.

I hate*.

I recently revealed that I hate stupid people, which is not the entire truth. The truth is that I hate everyone and everything. It is not always a righteous hate, nor only a jealous hate, nor merely vindictive – no, there is hate for every occasion. And in every occasion, hate is there.

I hate people. I hate stupid, violent people. I hate quiet, passive people. I hate people who are happy. I hate people who mope about. I hate being surrounded by people, while I hate being alone.

I hate being bored. I hate that I have to work. I hate that I sold my soul but didn’t read the small type. I hate anything I create is on someone else’s terms. I hate my bosses and I hate my underlings. I hate the useless people who have no point.

I hate whiny geeks. I hate pretty boys. I hate plain stupid people, and I hate pretentiously clever people. I hate that they’re not as clever as me. I hate that I’m that conceited. I hate myself. I hate that I do. I hate being single, and I hated it when I wasn’t. I hate that I find no-one interesting. I hate that no-one is interested in me.

I hate the fact that I must escape into stories, while I hate the brilliant stories, as I know they must end. I hate the things that give me joy, as they remind me of the things that don’t. I hate football - it’s just a game. I hate people who dismiss other’s hobbies as just a game.

I hate that nothing is just a game. I hate politics. I hate people who ignore politics. I hate politicians. I hate George W. Bush. I hate Osama bin Laden. I hate war. I hate war. I hate people.

I hate the sequence of events that compel me to write this. I hate that anyone will be reading it. I hate you.

I hate men. I hate women. I hate children, I hate dogs. I hate cars. I hate the rich. I hate the poor. I hate my enemies as I hate my friends. I hate that I have to worry about offending people. I hate my family. I hate that they love me. I hate that I love them.

And I hate that I hate.

*Hate – verb – loathe, detest, despise, dislike, abhor, execrate, be repelled by, be unable to bear/stand, find intolerable, recoil from, shrink from; formal abominate. ANTONYM love.**
**I hate that I now own three different Thesauri due to my work.***
***I hate footnotes.